Mediumship and Psychic development courses, held in the UK and Internationally.
Over the years, I have been very fortunate to have taught many workshops and courses within the realms of Spirituality, Metaphysics and Psychic development, from beginner level to advanced. I work internationally hosted by invitation with organisations, centres or private Students. I can be very flexible and offer one to one training courses,for small groups and individuals, as well as larger seminar style training in a variety of spiritual disciplines, at your preferred location. See below, just a handful of popular workshops and courses, although to discuss the full list of possibilities regarding my areas of expertise, you will need to contact me.

Evidential Mediumship

Trance Mediumship/Channelling

Psychic awareness and development

Tarot card divination

Spiritual Healing

Trance Healing

Manifestation techniques for personal abundance

Practical Shamanism and sacred Ceremony

I can also put a programme together based on your personal interests and level of experience, to take you forward to the next stage of your unfoldment.

All of my courses can be arranged to suit your needs at a place convenient to you.
All of my workshops include, theory aspects, and where relevant the latest scientific findings to explain the mechanics behind that which is being taught, as well as plenty of constructive advice and practical exercises, which you can continue to work with after the course is over.
If you would like to organise a course for your group or centre, for a group of friends or as a treat for yourself, then contact me by email on :