I have had a fascinating life, with some amazing experiences, I wanted to take the opportunity here to share with you, my Spiritual journey.

As far back as I can remember, As soon as I could think, I thought about God, the spirit world and how to communicate more fully with that world. I have always been fascinated by the mysteries of the universe, the spiritual planes and communication between the worlds.
My guides encouraged me and taught me, and helped me to learn and I spent a great deal of time, meditating, contemplating, thinking, asking questions of my guides and listening to their answers.
As soon as I could read, I made it my business to read about spirituality, mysticism, ancient religions, magic,divination, spirit contact and the traditions behind these ideas and practices. Armed with a regular supply of library books on everything esoteric, my guides helped me to understand the concepts being conveyed in the books I might not have understood otherwise.

I have been honoured to travel widely for my work and I have taken part in many secret Ceremonies and received teachings from shamans, mystics, spiritual practitioners and teachers from a variety of traditions and cultures including Borneo, Liberia, West Africa, Brazil, Bali, Egypt, Malaysia and Nepal. I love to travel and have adventures, learning first hand and to share with others.

For 15 years until his passing in 2003, I was one of the few personal Students of Brother RBB, a renowned Italian Kabbalist and hermetic philosopher in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire. From him my interest in quantum theory, religious history, cosmology, universal law and the nature of everything was first nurtured. He shaped my mind and led me to realise the bigger picture behind everything.

I have also been honoured to receive, over the years, many teachings, empowerments and initiations within several lineages of Tibetan tantric Buddhism.
Some of these empowerments date back in an unbroken line to the historical Buddha. I have had many enlightened teachers including Lo Kunzang Rimpoche, Lama Zopa Rimpoche, HH the Gyalwang Drukpa, HH the Dalai Lama, Dzogchen master Chogyal Namkhai Norbu and many others.

From the early 1990s I have been special guest and Keynote speaker many times in academic conferences and special interest summer schools, throughout Europe on esoteric subjects.
I regularly speak in universities as an outside expert in comparative religion, Earth centred traditions, shamanism, spiritualism and spirit based theology, and in 1995 I addressed the Oxford union on these subjects.

In 2004 I was elected President of the Leeds Lodge of the Theosophical society and held this position for four years, also in this year I started to take further advanced mediumship training at the Arthur Findlay college, where I studied with many renowned mediums, including Glyn Edwards and Paul Jacobs and many other wonderful tutors.
In 2011, I was very fortunate to spend time teaching English, European history, comparative religion and buddhist studies in a Tibetan buddhist monastery in Buddhanilkantha, in the Kathmandu valley, Nepal. During that time, I was invited into all the monks secret meditation and mind training practices; which I joined in for over four hours each day, exploring mystical states of Consciousness.
In 2012 I became an approved Tutor of the Arthur Findlay college, after completing their tutor training scheme.
In 2013 I began Post graduate study for an MA degree course in ancient religions with the University of Wales, Trinity Saint David, which I am due to complete in 2016. In which I explored the beliefs of the ancient world including: Greece, Rome, ancient Egypt,Asia Minor, early Christianity and Celtic religions and the spiritual practices of those cultures.My dissertation subject focuses on the changing views of the afterlife in ancient Greece from the sixth- fourth centuries BCE.
In 2015 I was an invited speaker at the association for the scientific study of anomalous phenomena (ASSAP) annual conference, held at Goldsmiths college, London. I have also presented research seminars for the school of classics, UWTSD (Lampeter).

In 2015, I was consulted and attended private meetings at the house of Lords on the subject of consciousness studies, altered states, meditation, psi phenomena and the brain, in the UK houses of Parliament.

I have worked internationally as a clairvoyant, medium and healer in The United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, USA, North Africa, West Africa and most of Europe.

I have taught workshops and courses in UK, USA, Sweden, France, Spain,Italy, Holland and Norway and lectured widely at international Spiritual conferences in UK, Holland, Sweden,Italy, Germany, Denmark and Norway.

I have been featured many times in the Media in the UK and abroad,including TV, Radio and national press and have been featured in TV programmes in Germany, Switzerland, Japan and Canada.

I have also assisted academic researchers in Phd studies into mediumship, psychic abilities and consciousness research, and in 2015 was honoured to be included in the research of Prof Konstantin Korotkov of St Petersburg University in relation to healing, the etheric body and altered states of consciousness.