Welcome to my online diary  
17.10.15.- Yes I know it has been ages since my last update but I have been very busy, but all good stuff. I was delivering a research seminar at the University of Wales, trinity saint David, last week on 'The evolution of the afterlife- influences and developments in ancient Greek thought' it was a good sized audience and I soon ran out of time. I'm preparing for a big conference in Trieste, Italy in just over a week's time. It has been years since I was last in Italy and really looking forward to meeting everyone and speaking at this event.

09.08.13- Updating my news, as my TV programme was on a few weeks ago; it was very well received and has led to a lot of great feedback. I've also been busy with course work for my university course. It is going great, and I'm enjoying doing lots of new research. I'm now preparing for my next Mediumship holiday course in Spain, this October, which is now fully booked, but I will be offering another similar course in May again at the same venue in Mijas. My next course in Wales, will be at Hafan Y Coed, looking at the techniques of public Mediumship, for churches, public halls and theatres; and the different techniques you can use for each type of audience.It promises to be a very interesting weekend. Some other very exciting news- for me at least: my tutor profile can now be seen on the Arthur Findlay college website. www.arthurfindlaycollege.org

22.02.13- It has been a while and I have been quite busy,I was filming for a TV Programme in November and that should be on in the late Spring. I just got back from a fantastic week working on the FOSH course, 'Where Science ans Spirit meet 2' at the Arthur Findlay college, what a fantastic week, this was the 2nd scientific week, exploring the science behind spirit contact held by the Friends of Stansted hall, which just gets bigger and better.
The biggest news is I am now a University student, yes, isn't that bizarre, but I was accepted on a Masters degree course in Classics, to study Ancient religions. I'm so excited to be given this opportunity.I'm doing it long distance as a part time course with the University of Wales, Trinity Saint David. I will still be doing all my other crazy stuff so no change there.
I'm looking forward to my next Mediumship course in Spain, in May and my weekend in Blackpool at the end of May. There are still places available for the Blackpool course, so if you are interested email me and I'll give you all the details.
21.06.12- Yes I know it's been ages, since I updated this blog, but it has been a busy few months, I taught a great course in Kungsbacka, Sweden in November, then away at the Arthur Findlay college in January and February.... What a whirlwind of activity. I had a wonderful week in Spain this May with the intensive practical Mediumship course and have booked the same venue again for next May. To take another group for another intensive Mediumship week. I just returned from Norway,where I had my first Trance course in Bergen. What a lovely group, so I'm looking forward to next time. I got the confirmation today from the Arthur Findlay college committee, confirming my approval as a Tutor of the college. I am so delighted. I love everything about this wonderful place and look forward to my next teaching week there. In the meantime My two courses in British Columbia, Canada are filling up and I'm really looking forward to visiting the Okanagan region this September. If anyone would like further details please contact Misty at, mediumshipcanada@gmail.com

20.11.11- Wow Yesterday, I attended my national board in Manchester, this is an exam board of the Spiritualists national union.I set off in good time and got there late after five traffic jams, getting lost in South Manchester and nearly abandoning the whole idea.I went straight on the platform to demonstrate Mediumship. I passed and may now use the letters CSNU after my name. I'm absolutely thrilled.
20.10.11-Well, it's been a little while since I updated my diary, In the meantime, the Young ones course has been cancelled for the time being as the college is being renovated during that week. I was a little disappointed, but got a fabulous phone call telling me all of my assessment courses for my Teaching at the Arthur Findlay college. Most of January I will be at the AFC as after the friends of Stansted hall course, "Where science and Spirit meet" I stay on for another 2 weeks, the first week on a wonderful course called "Demonstrating Mediumship" with Simone Key as course organiser. Straight after that, I continue on for Glyn Edwards course "Mediumship training and development week 1" both amazing courses with fabulous course organisers. In April I will return to the college again for my 3rd assessment with Pauline Silver on her "Trance healing week 1". I was just getting all excited when another surprise happened. Glyn Edwards rang me, and asked me to tutor on his Training and development week 2" from the 29th October.This isn't an assessment week, but a great opportunity. My course in Mijas Spain in May in now full, and we have a great bunch of students coming from all over the UK to attend and one lady coming all the way from Canada especially to be with us.

15.08.11- Just found out the title of my Teaching week 13-20 January at the Arthur Findlay college. It's called Mediumship the young ones. You can check out the week on the AFC website. It looks very interesting with a line up of great Mediums and tutors. I've also just confirmed a teaching week in Mijas on the Costa del Sol in Spain, although after announcing it on facebook all but two places went in the first hour. Excellent news. It should be a fabulous week in a wonderful Villa with a small and friendly bunch of students studying and practising their evidential Mediumship techniques. It will be very intensive during workshop time, but we are planning some fun things too, including a charity readings night for a local cancer hospice.
01.08.11- Just confirmed my 2nd teaching week at the Arthur Findlay college for January 2012. I'm working on a week called "Where Science and Spirit Meet" Which has been organised by the Friends of Stansted hall. We will be looking at things like quantum Worlds, Brain function in Psychic states as well as groups and experimental evenings with some invited guest scientists and researchers on the subject of Consciousness. I'm really excited to have been included in this very prestigious week.
Also this Wednesday 3rd August I will be a guest on the Billy Butler show on BBC Radio Merseyside, along with researcher and Author Anthony Peake. I'm looking forward to it, as I haven't done any Radio since I moved to Northamptonshire.
19.07.11- Wow what a busy month, I just had a great weekend course at Hafan Y Coed in Wales. It was a beginners/Improvers weekend, with some new faces as well as previous students. They wanted me to teach a Meditation course next year so I put the material together and it is now booked for April 2012, at Hafan Y Coed. I have titled it "Meditation techniques for better Mediumship" and it will focus on building Mediumistic power, visualisation and mind practices for working with the Spirit World. I also gave the last lecture in the Kabbalah series at Leeds Lodge of the Theosophical society. It was on Moses Maimonides guide for the perplexed, a 12th century text on Philosophy. While doing the research for this talk, I realised it had to be brought to life somehow as it was a bit staid, but I must admit it went down very well, with lots of engaging comments and discussion.One lady even requested I teach a workshop for the group.
30.05.11- Just got back from my trip to Nepal, it was amazing. I was working at a place called Buddhanilkantha at a really wonderful monastery called the Siddhartha foundation. I was supposed to teach English, but also taught European History, Geography, Comparative religion and Buddhist studies. The Monks were great, I had 3 groups class 2, class 5 and 6 between the ages of 13- 17. The Monks were excited to learn whatever I brought to them, and every day got a big 'Hello Miss' or 'Namaste Miss' as I saw them individually just around the Monastery. I even got some Monks requesting I keep in touch, so have several emails, and we will continue the Spiritual teachings by email.I attended their Meditations and Prayer sessions every day,so that added up to 3-4 hours sitting in the power every day, I definitely went through various states of consciousness, as each week brought some deepening change to my awareness. Kathmandu is an amazing city, in the grip of political change at the moment, so every few days they declare a Bandhe or Strike, where nothing opens and public transport doesn't run. I bought an amazing carved wooden mask of the Buddhisattva Tara, she's as big as a small child which surprisingly enough arrived home safely as I had to send her in the regular checked baggage, wrapped up in cellophane. I had visited a Tantric Lama who did a divination and told me I should do Tara practice, When I repeated the Mantra, he was really surprised that I already knew it and his face lit up. He was a lovely old man, who gave me many protective charms and incenses, even blessed biscuits ! He told me the full practice he wanted me to do, not just the Mantra but the visualisations as well. I discovered a fabulous bookshop called Vajra bookshop in Thamel, I recommend anyone visit there if travelling to Kathmandu. I bought 5 books there, on Bon, Tantric Buddhism, Nepali Shamanism and Dzogchen. I had to throw clothes away to accommodate the weight of the books in my luggage. Back home I'm preparing to head up to Leeds again to give two lectures, one in Shipley on the nature of the soul and the second on the Kabbalistic concepts of the Soul at the Theosophical society in Leeds, as well as seeing some clients.

5.4.11- Wow what a week at the Arthur Findlay college, I passed my 3rd year tutor training, and even though I had really challenging subjects, such as Mediumship and the Media, Margaretta Fox as Tutorial, a lecture on Mediumship in other cultures, where I looked at personal experiences in Borneo and Brazil in relation to what we know about Mediumship from a western perspective. I taught advanced Mental Mediumship and working with inspiration as an advanced experimental group. I demonstrated Mediumship twice in the week as well as giving sittings, I even chaired for the Sunday service. my assessors liked my sessions and so did the students. We had a really international week with students from South Africa, North America, Norway and the Netherlands as well as people from the UK. I'm waiting for my assessment weeks to be sorted out next, I heard it takes a while, but I'm ready for whatever the Universe might bring . My volunteer position in Nepal, Teaching in a Tibetan Buddhist Monastery is almost upon me, with only a few weeks to go. I'm really looking forward to it and have my teaching material already packed.

3.3.11- Just back from 5 days in Folkestone, on a Trance and Platform Mediumship course, which was very good. I'm in the middle of preparing my teaching sessions for the Arthur Findlay college where I will be doing my 3rd year tutor training course. I have some wonderful subjects planned, plus I've been putting powerpoint presentations together for this, which should add extra value to 2 of my sessions. As soon as I get back from there I will be heading off to teach a Mediumship course in Sweden. I have a really busy few months ahead, as after all of that I will be going to work in Nepal in a Tibetan Buddhist Monastery in the Kathmandu valley for 5 weeks. I'm really looking forward to it.
16.01.11- The calender is looking busy as I have just sent off my course details to the Swedish Spiritualist Church in Gothenburg for my mixed level Mediumship course, I will be teaching there in April. As well as Mental Mediumship in it's usual form, on the second day, I will be looking at Kabbalistic methods of attunement to the higher realms, trance and working with ones guides, for Spiritual advancement and higher attainments, based on permutations of the divine names of God, breathwork and visualisation. This will be a really interesting course, as these methods are not taught openly as part of Mediumship development. I have also sent my course details for my two courses at Hafan Y Coed, in July and September. These courses in Wales are for beginners/improvers, but might be interesting to those wishing to retrain, starting from the foundations of their Mediumship. I have been very busy over the Christmas break, preparing for my series of Lectures on the Kabbalah at the Leeds Lodge of the Theosophical society, which begins on the 20th of February.

20.12.10- I'm settling into my new home, I've still got a few boxes to go through but I've got most of my books on shelves and clothes hung up. It was a really emotional farewell to Leeds as one of my best Clients took control of everything. When the van was finally packed, he didn't know what to say to me, as we have known each other 20 years, so he picked me up and slam dunked me in the snow, then pelted me with snow balls. I realised that a lot of my Clients, thought more about me, than they ever told me, but I guess you never find these things out until you're leaving town for the last time. My lecture at York St John's University went well. I was asked to speak on Spirit based magical traditions, Paganism and Mediumship, and I had a good catch up with Chris who runs the course I was speaking on.

13.11.10- What a crazy month, I'm moving, yes, you read that correctly, after 20 years in the same flat in Leeds, I'm moving to a beautiful cottage in a small village in Rural Northamptonshire. One of my Leeds Clients has got me a great deal on a moving van, and I'm leaving Leeds on the 29th of November, a few days after my lecture at York St Johns University in York. I will be back to Leeds every month for a week or so, but staying with my Mum or friends or clients. Everyone has been so kind offering a place to stay when I come back home. I've had to arrange all this in between work commitments,teaching and attending courses and other stuff. I'm at the Arthur Findlay college right now,on Paul Jacobs Advanced Mediumship course, and two weeks ago I was with Glyn Edwards on his week, I even taught my own group on the Friday of Glyn's course, which was a real honour.

5.10.10- Well almost 2 months have gone by since my last update, I have been very busy in the last couple of months. I returned yesterday from my first teaching weekend at Hafan Y Coed in Wales. It is the first time I had been there after being recommended as a tutor by a contact I know from the Arthur Findlay college.
After a seven hour coach journey to get there,I was absolutely delighted with the place.
Completely different to the Arthur Findlay college, as they have the distinct feel of an old stately home, Hafan Y Coed have a much more homely approach with comfy couches, open fires, Crystals and Native American art in the lounge. I had a full course of 12 willing students from absolute beginners to lower intermediate level. The weekend had been advertised as mixed level, but there were mostly beginners,who were surprised at their own ability. I was delighted to be able to help them have that "aha!" moment, when they realise that they were communicating with the Spirit World. The centre have invited me back again next year to teach two more courses, so I'm going to check the diary. October is a busy month for me, and I'll be going back to Sweden to the Spiritualist church in Gothenburg in the middle of the month, for another weekend workshop,lectures, demonstrations and readings.

1.8.10-  Well, it's August already, I've booked to attend a trance course at
the Arthur Findlay college, in a few weeks time, it should be interesting. For some months now I have been receiving channelled information, which I write down, it is very interesting and feel the next stage could be speaking in trance, but who knows.It is very technical information about the nature of reality, alternate dimensions, the after death state, the subtle bodies in man etc. The communicators are now bringing in new information so that I can give channeled personal assessments for clients, on their Soul's path, life lessons and Spiritual evolution. I have been thinking about offering this to clients by email, as the information comes in the written form,the guides have suggested that the client sends a photo to work with, then I can send an email with the assessments attached back to them, all very tidy and no postal system to worry about.  Swedish summer school was amazing. We were out in the Swedish countryside, with a lovely lake and mountains all around. On the last day the students gave me a beautiful handmade necklace, with Tiger's eye, Carnelian and orange Agate, I have been wearing it, nearly every day since I got home. So they booked me again for next year, with at least another three courses in Gothenburg, over the next year or so. Cambridge mental Mediumship workshop went very well too, and the organisers want to book me again for some other events up and down the country.

 1.7.10- I just booked my 3rd year tutor training course at the Arthur Findlay college tonight, for next March. I had been too busy to notice that I hadn't paid my deposit and time was whizzing by.  I went to a business link thing in Leeds last week, a lecture and presentation by the woman who developed Fair trade Chocolate, she was a bit dull, but one thing that was suggested is that you have to get on Facebook. So after much deliberation and faffing about, I managed to get myself on there, even managed to put a decent photograph on my page too. I've been busy inviting friends and contacts. I'm still not sure how useful Facebook might be to me, as it seems that there's a lot of  chit chat going on about nothing in particular, but I'm sure time will tell. I am teaching a Mental Mediumship course this Saturday in Cambridge with John Conway. I thought I had been booked to teach this on my own, but was a bit surprised to find out that I've been teamed up with someone else, so just how we will do this I'm not very sure, as we are complete strangers to each other, I believe he's quite well known, but I reckon the Spirit World will have it all planned out and it will probably be a good day and a lot of fun.

 14.6.10- It's June already, and its been some time since my last update, I've been very busy, I went on the trance and physical Mediumship course at the Arthur Findlay college last month, as I have what can be described as Physical energies that suit that sort of Mediumship, although it takes years to develop. Nothing happened on the week at all, not even a voice on the EVP recording, not a bang or a clatter from the other World a few drafts and that was about it. I did discover an ability for Automatic writing, thats when you sit quietly gently holding a pen or pencil and after a while your hand will start to move on its own. In the group there were about 6 of us seated around long tables with huge sheets of paper, and we each took turns to have a go. When I did mine I had my eyes closed but knew my hand was moving, from right to left. I actually thought this will be nothing, as we examined it, but we had to turn it around and hold it in the window to read quite clearly 'Hello it's Jack, happy now, love you all Jack' apparently one of the ladies on the table had recently lost her dad, called Jack. It all came written perfectly when held up backwards to the light. I also discovered an ability for Trance healing, which is something I hadn't done before and really liked. The other weekend I was at a conference near Salisbury which was a nice change, I shared a room with my good friend Peter. We hadn't seen each other in months. I also hooked up with other friends who I hadn't physically seen in 18 months or longer, which was great and I met the very interesting Dr Greg, Whose surname I didn't catch, who is an expert on Quantum theory and Nano Bot technology, he gave a fascinating lecture on quantum states in Physics in relation to consciousness, the highlight of my weekend. I've been having an Ebay book frenzy over the last week or two, winning bids on about 5 books I had wanted for a while, getting them all for a few quid each. I will have reading piled up until Christmas at this rate, as none of them could be described as bed time books, that you can't skip along through. Looking forward to the Swedish Mediumship Summer school, which I'll be teaching with two other Mediums. I haven't booked my flight yet, but need to sort that out very soon.

2.4.10- I've been at home a week after my teaching course at the Arthur Findlay college, Wow what a week, I had a fabulous time, with lots of great comments from my assessors and the students. This was my 2nd year assessment and I've made it through the process to return next year for year 3. We had the lovely Brian Robertson on the assessing team along with Simon James, Janet Parker and Vi Kipling, and everyone was very supportive and helpful. I've even been asked to do some teaching on the SNUi website, although I'm going to need a microphone as my typing is no way fast enough, I know that before I make a fool of myself. Next year on my teacher training week, I will have to give a big lecture as well as my other subjects, and I've been advised to learn about powerpoint and overhead projectors and what not, to add a bit of professionalism to it all. I really have an aversion to all those technical trappings, but it has to be done, and so far I've got myself a manual on powerpoint presentations. On returning from my week at Stansted I did the Sunday service at Northampton Church, we had a lovely time with a packed house and mystery of mystery I gave 7 evidential messages in 45 minutes, I was so proud of my time keeping, I wasn't concerned about the philosophy only getting the timings right, as it is so important for my CSNU  national board, which should be coming up sometime this year.  

14.3.10- Had a brilliant time teaching Mediumship in Sweden, what a lovely group yet again, The programme is now set for the Swedish Mediumship summer school with the people from Gothenburg, I will be teaching with two other Mediums on that,and it should be a big group. It is apparently in a beautiful centre in a rural area about an hour away from Gothenburg, I already have my subjects lined up. The summer School will be in July, so it should be nice and warm, with lots of opportunities to spend time outdoors, which will be great. As two weeks ago, we had nearly three feet of snow outside the Church ! I now have all my lesson plans for my teacher training week at the Arthur Findlay college, I can't believe it has come around so quickly again. I still have to prepare my handouts for one of the sessions, get my posh laundry done, then hopefully I'll look the part. I finally went back to Tai Chi last Thursday, it was brilliant, After studying with a really good bloke in Leeds for years, I thought I would never find anyone as good as Bob France my previous teacher, in fact I was supposed to take my teachers diploma in Tai Chi, but being left handed my sword form was a bit sloppy, I previously studied Tai Chi and Chi kung for about 12 years on and off but haven't done any classes in about 4 years but lo and behold the wonderful Nick Cheung has classes at a local Church hall. I went along and it was great, he seems to focus more on the Martial applications a bit more than Bob, who is very much into the esoteric aspects, Spiritual energy and healing, but it was a really good night and it all came flooding back like I had never been away.

3.2.10- OMG ! I can't believe it's been so long since my last update, I got through my district board for my CSNU in demonstrating Mediumship in December and it all went very well. I am now waiting for the dates for the national board, which could be anytime this year.I've been  quite busy rushing here and there, but had a nice quiet Christmas with friends. I just booked my flight to Gothenburg in Sweden, where I will be lecturing and leading a workshop at the end of the month as well as doing some private readings and a demonstration. I have been attempting to study some Swedish, since I was last over there, and it is a bit slow. I admit that I could be a more diligent student, as I pick up the books for a week or two then put them away for a month.I don't know why I'm procrastinating so much, as I really love learning languages and have taught myself many over the years. Swedish is far easier than German, which it is related to, I just need to get on with it a bit more.  My subjects for my teaching week at the Arthur Findlay college arrived a few weeks ago too, so I am on top of that.This will be my 2nd year of the tutor training, and I'm really looking forward to it. They changed the format a bit, which means I only need hand outs for my tutorial and not for the group sessions, as last year,they wanted handouts for everything. It has always been my philosophy that if a student finds something interesting enough they will write it down in the session, in their own note book. Handouts in my experience get stuffed into the bottom of handbags where they thrash around a bit for a month or two then get binned unread. Next week I have made plans to visit old friends Beverley and Paul, who I haven't seen in three years. Paul was one of my Students years ago, so it should be a good catch up.

6.10.09- Just got back from Gothenburg in Sweden, where I was teaching a practical Mediumship course last weekend . I also gave a lecture, which had been somehow mistranslated, instead of the title I submitted 'Quantum Spirit- new dimensions in Mediumship' I wondered  why the audience contained some serious scientific sorts, I checked the poster advertising my lecture and had to gulp, when I read in my dodgy swedish, the words 'Quantum mechanics and the other World'. I must say the Spirit guides played a blinder, and I gave a really long yet lively talk on Quantum theory and it's relationship to the Spirit world as well as doing a Mediumship demonstration and some sittings the following day. It was a brilliant few days, Andreas, who runs the Spiritualist church there was a great host as usual, as he arranged for us to visit the Vodou expo in the centre of Gothenburg.The exhibition is the largest private collection of genuine Vodou artefacts from Vodou temples in Haiti. It was a really powerful exhibition, which led to a variety of strange Spirit experiences in the genre of other crazy Leybourne Spirit experiences. On Sunday evening I was honoured to be invited to act as Medium along with Andreas, in a Physical seance, where Spirit vapour was produced, strange sounds and visible electrical energy and sparks. This was the first time I had been in such a seance and sat inside a Spirit cabinet for physical mediumship, we had some good results, although not materialisation, the vapour production seems to be  a good sign that such phenomena can be produced. We have confirmed my dates for two further teaching trips to Sweden, as well as roughing out ideas for a Swedish summer school for Mediums. A few weeks ago, I completed the last of my three assessments for my CSNU, which went well. I am now waiting to find out about the district board where I will have to demonstrate Mediumship again and answer questions on the history of Spiritualism.

3.9.09- Had a hectic few weeks, I was doing a Mediumship special at Northampton Spiritualist church on Saturday night, and lo and behold had my 2nd CSNU assessment. It seems to be rolling along nicely, although the woman assessing me wouldn't admit that, she was the assessor, I knew it, and the church chairman confirmed it afterwards. Its all a bit cloak and dagger and supposed to be anonymous, but I  psychically, knew it would be on that date. We had a packed house and the assessor came and shook my hand afterwards and complimented me on the mediumship and the accuracy of her message she received from her Dad, so the assessment seems to have gone really well. Another great opportunity has landed in my lap from the lovely Derek at Hafan y Coed a Spiritual centre in Wales, where I have been invited to teach two weekend Mediumship courses there next year. So I have submitted my course details and I will teach my first course there in April, then again in October. He even mentioned doing a week long course in 2011, which I already have some ideas for. I'm in the middle of preparing my next essay for the A6 course on Psychic experiences in early church history, which is coming together nicely. I got a really good mark from my new tutor, for my last essay on Psychic factors in the Old Testament. I'm really enjoying the course. I'm still doing healing work on a Russian lady in Germany, which appears to be going well, with some astonishing results. As a personal treat, I've ordered a Labradorite carved skull from ebay, which should come in the next eleven days from Arizona,I'm really excited about that !. Treat number two is chocolate mouse scented body butter from poundland, which is really yummy !

30.7.09- Yes, I know, nearly two months without doing the blog, but I have been all over the place, seeing clients and doing Spiritualist Church Demonstrations. The best news is that I have had my first assessment for my CSNU in demonstrating Mediumship, which apparently went very well, apparently the whole thing takes an age, so who knows when the next assessment might be. I just returned from teaching some Psychic development workshops in Norway, right up in the mountains near Lillehammer, a really beautiful place at an international conference, then stayed with really great hosts Lee and Anna, in the lovely town of Sandefjorde for the weekend before heading off to Oslo, My Goodness, I've never been to such an expensive city in my life. I had to text back home, and tell folks, 'I just paid £5.60 for a pot noodle to eat in the street !' I wasn't impressed by Oslo as a must see city, as it is very modern looking with no impressive landmarks, although it has a lot of Museums, I didn't go in any of them, another thing, Oslo has no street signs, that say this way to Viking museum, or that way to Nobel peace centre etc, so I ended up bumbling around from one bit of City centre to another, wondering can I afford a coffee. The week long conference, was pretty good and through being there I have received invititations to do some work in Vienna next year, which may or may not work out time wise, but I would love to go, as well as a workshop or lecture at a conference in Glasgow next September, details to be arranged. Norway itself is beautiful, with pretty wooden houses, big lakes and Fjordes and huge mountains. Where I was in central Norway, it never got properly dark, so even at midnight it was like 8 pm so of course, you don't get tired and stay up chatting, then at 2.45 am it is daylight again. I didn't hear back from the Mediumysticcs forum, so haven't done that yet, maybe I put them off by admitting that, I can't type very quickly, and if people start asking about indigo children and personal encounters with fluffy Angels i'll have to be really honest and tell em what I think ! Anyway as I have been all over the place, I haven't done much else on the Comparative religions course A6, but plan to crack on with it this weekend. 


5.5.09- My Goodness April has flown by, and I have become lazy with my diary, I was up in London for a few days, doing a Mediumship Demonstration at Rochester Square Spiritual Temple, in Camden which was lovely, very welcoming, lovely people,as well as staying with my friend Peter for a few days. I was also demonstrating mediumship in Northamptonshire's Duston Spiritualist Church last Sunday which was lovely too and they gave me a bunch of flowers, which are still alive on my Spirit Shrine, and show no sign of wilting. I have been a bit caught up writing some course work, I'm doing the A6 course  on world religions from the Spiritualists national union, and had to write a lengthy piece on Heresy laws and Spirit contact in the medieval period, it took two weeks to put my essay together as one can get really caught up with all the papal bulls and what not, I ended up with 14 pages about Spiritual practices and their suppression. I think I have written far too much, any way next essay is on Judaism.

It was really nice to be invited onto the mediumysticss forum to do a web chat in the next month or so. I'm setting up the dates at the moment. They seem to think that i'm well known ! I'm a bit concerned thaty I might not be able to type fast enough, but I'll give it a go.

24.3.09- What a fabulous week at the Arthur Findlay College, I was being assessed on my first year as a trainee tutor in Mediumship. It went really well, although they did say my philosophy was delivered too informally and the outfit not appropriate for a divine service. I wasn't sure what to make of that, it was a full length dress, that I have worn for Demonstrations of Mediumship in the past, without comment. Anyway not to worry, I know what to do for next time.  I had two group teaching sessions to do one on Psychic art another on Psychic techniques where I brought in some cool stuff on the Brain and it's function during Psychic work, a tutorial on Spirit guides a Mediumship Demonstration to give and two private readings. Other trainee tutors were there as well and we all got on great, supporting each other through the week. there was a lot of stress, tears and tantrums going on  as we each in turn were assessed by the judges. It was like being voted in or out of the Big brother house, I have been asked back to go through to the next level ( year 2) next March. I really loved it and I'm counting the weeks before we meet the challenge again. It really is a wonderful place set in the Essex countryside with antiques and beautiful furniture and lovely people, I really want to do my best to honour the place, as well as share some of the things I have learned over the years on the Spiritual path. I had a fabulous time. I was delighted that the assessors liked my presentations and teaching style. It really is an honour to have these experts and world renowned Mediums report that you meet the Arthur Findlay College standard.I have to keep on at that level, with each thing I do, I must have it in mind, that I'm stepping up to the next challenge and hopefully with a bit of good luck, and the wind in the right direction I'll make it through to the final year.

 9.3.09. What a wonderful trip to Sweden, had a full house for my lecture on  Esoteric philosophy, Mediumship and Brain functions. Andreas, the organiser of my trip and Minister of the Swedish Spiritualist Church taped everything, even my Mediumship demonstration the following night. My CD, "Building mediumistic power" is now available in the UK, this is the one we made last October in Gothenburg. So this time we recorded a follow up, although by the end of the 5 days of teaching and Mediumship I was pretty exhausted, Andreas was still enthusiastic to push on and finish the follow up CD but we were both too tired, and ended up leaving it until my return this coming October. I had two fabulous gifts, one of my Clients brought me a pair of really high expensive boots in red, Wow! and Andreas gave me my first Ipod..... Yes, I have never had one before, so with the instructions in Swedish, and no clue what to do to transfer a CD of my own from the computer into the little Ipod thingy, I poked around at it for two days like a chimp with a violin, but last night finally did it. I had help from my Friend Malcolm, so I now have an Ipod to take around with me. I feel so empowered! News on the Stansted teacher training front, I now have my first hand out prepared need to do two other handouts then I'm off on Sunday to chance my arm at the Arthur Findlay college 1st year trainee tutor badge.

23.2.09. Finally got all the fancy Buddhas and stuff from my friend Elizia, got a really nice green Tara and a lovely Shakyamuni Buddha and loads of other stuff. Getting ready for Sweden now, booked my flights and managed to get a lift to the Airport. The other week  I got my Subjects through, of the workshops and tutorials I am expected to present at Stansted hall ( Arthur Findlay College). I'm on the teacher training programme there, and this will be my first year there. I have to put a portfolio together of all my teaching experience, back to year dot. Of course, I have thrown out lots of things over recent years,with my teaching stuff on it, only to find out that I needed it to evidence my previous work. I have it pretty sorted though, what I'm doing, and for how long. I will also have to do Mediumistic sittings, which will be graded by someone sitting in the corner with a clip board, listening to everything I say. Apparently the assesors are really hard and critique your performance on everything, even down to your outfit. Guess what, I went a ripped my favourite skirt on Borders escalator yesterday, so it might mean hitting the shops fairly seriously so I look acceptable and might pass for a lecturer. 

2.2.09 What a week in France, Before I went, there had been mention of Spirit activity that needed seeing to in the area, so I went prepared to exorcise some nasties. After my lecture on the Saturday, which went down very well, I was taken on the Sunday to a Dog sanctuary near Carcassonne, that had been experiencing all manner of Spirit based problems for some time. It turned out that it was right on Cathar land where 700 + years ago the Pope launched a crusade against Cathars in the area. Catholic troops set fire to whole villages and towns of Cathar believers .So basically the whole area feels horrible on an energetic level. The dog sanctuary was a huge place with activity in several places. For example healthy dogs would drop dead of fright for no reason, the staff were repeatedly ill and regularly seeing the Ghost of a woman coming out of the fire place with her head smashed in and blood everywhere. There was an active trackway with Spirit people walking the trackway with flaming torches on certain nights. Anyway, I went there with my kit of Incenses, special herbal waters, candles and bells and prepared for a Hellish afternoon in the freezing cold vibrating my Hebrew Exorcism stuff at full volume, while sprinkling and wafting, asperging and clanging. I had been told not to wear anything posh as it's a dog place, so warm and functional, also the head woman had not been told about my visit as she is rather religious, so it would be best to come on a Sunday when nobody came. There seemed to be a variety of activity some of it elemental. Anyway, after getting the bleeding woman out of the fire place and doing the light thing, I then went outside the dogs were barking and while I was completely in the zone, I was sprinkling my herbal stuff ( contained in an old orange juice bottle) so it looked really dodgy. I was in my long black skirt and a black woolly poncho, So looked a cross between Clint Eastwood and Harry potter's granny muttering my stuff. I got to the bit where I said in English 'May all dark Spirits causing harm to animals and staff here depart !' and it was at this point that the huge heavy iron gates holding the pound shut flew open, by no visible means and about 15 dogs escaped. I'm stood there not really believing this as there were two stiff heavy bolts holding the gates shut, one into the ground and the other across the middle. Just at this point, Madam la Presidente arrived to show a family a dog. Yes you got it, she didn't know someone was going to be doing an Exorcism and assailed my hostess asking what's going on ?, who the hell is this ? and get this Candle out of my grate !, while I stood there clutching my Herbal exorcism mixture in it's orange pop bottle, like a drunk hanging on to that half bottle of Lithuanian Vodka. We were ousted from the property. Anyway the idea was I would return later under cover of darkness to finish off. On the Tuesday I had a visit from the woman from the Dog sanctuary saying all the activity had stopped everyone was feeling great and it seemed to have gone. So I ended up doing the finishing off bit long distance while focusing in on the pictures of the dog sanctuary on my hostess's computer.  It didn't take as long as I thought it would,as the pound gates flying open and the dogs all running in a straight line with a streak of grey mist following behind them, seemed to indicate the Spirit activity departing as commanded. Apparently the staff once got someone in to do a Spirit release thing a year or so ago, but mid ceremony three dogs in the office started violently trembling before the candle flew out of the fire place and wacked the guy in the face, before he ran out shaking, never to return.  All being well this should be the end of it all for everyone working there.

1.1.09 Just sent my workshop description to Andreas at the Spiritualist Church in Gothenburg Sweden. I have called my weekend 'Practical Mediumship- Building the bridge to Spirit.' I also let him know the details of my Esoteric philosophy evening. Which will be a three hour session on the subtle bodies of man, The Astral, Mental planes and their interaction with the physical and etheric planes, Reincarnation in relation to Spirit contact and other Spiritual concepts. The nature of the mind, the hemispheres of the brain and their connection to Clairvoyance and Clairaudience. I am even tempted to throw in some Taoist stuff on energy centres, depending on how it's going. Then of course I will take questions from the group. I always look forward to sharing information and ideas, and really enjoy spending time with the Swedish Students, so I'm really looking forward to going back there again. Mostly if someone tells me what they want me to talk about in a lecture I am much happier than someone saying, 'Have a think about what you fancy doing'. Generally I have so many aspects of Spirituality that I enjoy speaking on, that I would rather be given some guidance on what the group would like to know about.  Taking time to tune in to the Spirit guides, to follow their guidance on what to present is usually the best way to go when the organiser leaves it up to my choice.


 27. 12. 08- What a crazy week! I have just arranged to give a lecture and some readings in Carcassonne in France. Apparently this is a very beautiful area right in the valley of Mont segur, where the Cathars had their hideaways. The lady who organised this for me, has put together a little poster advertising the lecture I will be doing there.  I will be going to France towards the end of January and staying for five days. In the meantime more adventure is on the horizon as one of my Jamaican clients has called me in to accompany her and her daughter, later in the year back to the boonies of her homeland as a sort of Magical guard against Obeah, and black magicians as she is convinced someone will do them in while she tries to sell the house she had built but now her family want to inherit. So I await further instructions. In the meantime I am waiting for the two big boxes of Buddhas and associated paraphanalia to find it's way from my Friend Elizia's to my Flat in Leeds. Elizia had shared a house with an Ex Buddhist Nun, who after a crisis of faith left the order with her do it yourself Nun kit, and Elizia knew of the right worthy person to receive this blessing. I might need a Taxi !  I'm currently preparing for my teaching seminars in Gothenburg Sweden at the end of February, they want a workshop on practical Mediumship, similar to the one I gave in October but different. So I am waiting for inspiration to strike before I contact Andreas, the organiser with my finalised programme at the Spiritualist Church in Sweden. I will also do a three hour discourse on Esoteric Philosophy and private sittings.