This page has reviews and comments from some of my many lectures in the UK and internationally.
Homer and the evolution of Hell in the ancient world.

A public lecture at the Theosophical society in Leeds.

Sunday September 6th 2015.

This well-researched, learned lecture was a trip through time. It covered underworld beliefs, the soul's journey and the afterlife and developments in these beliefs from the 8th century- early 4th century in ancient Greece, the Near East and Southern Italy, drawing comparisons between several cultures.
Susan deftly and animated, swept through the beliefs in ancestral and hero cults and necromancy and the various versions of Hades in Homer.

Pythagoras and Orphic cults were explained and their influence on Plato's writings discussed. Socrates and his views were discussed, even though he apparently never wrote a word. Even bringing in comparisons to Hindu philosophy, Zoroastrianism, the Tao, Epicurus and the earliest Orphic theogonies.
This was a whistle stop trip to hell and back and in some cases, it seemed there was no way back!
Susan always engages her audiences by her warm, friendly style and often humorous asides.
Never boring and always unscripted, she exudes enthusiasm and incredible knowledge of her subjects.
I would like to end with a quote from Aristophanes, which I found particularly poignant, which Susan used in her lecture, in reference to Socrates: ' I wander in the air and with my mind investigate the sky'.

Reviewed by Glo Simons.

Dear Susan,
Thank you for a very interesting lecture at Leeds lodge this afternoon. We were most impressed by the depth of your research and the material you covered. It is worthy of a PhD thesis. We were amazed that you had all that information at the tip of your tongue and that you could reproduce it without effort and in such continous flow.
We would like to invite you to speak to Bradford lodge and we will contact you soon to find a suitable date for next year when you could come and speak to our group.

Atma and Cynthia Traci
(President and Secretary) Theosophical society, Bradford Lodge.