I offer 1-1 intuitive life coaching sessions via telephone/skype or in person.
Life coaching is a fantastic tool in your armoury of self development. It is used by all sorts of people as well as in the corporate world and media. In booking a course of sessions in coaching you will optimise and focus the future with success strategies to really achieve your goals bringing into your life real positive change.

Clients often come to me for a psychic reading to get an idea of future opportunities or to see if things will change in their current situation. Often it is revealed in the session that they have deep rooted issues that are self sabotaging, based in negative self beliefs or blocks from past events or childhood trauma.In some people's cases the opportunities that others might grasp with both hands pass them by for fear of failure, fear of change, poverty thinking or being judged or a million and one other reasons.
I work with clients for 1-1 coaching sessions to explore and help you realise your potential in areas such as self image and esteem, career potential, goal setting, business development,academic success, spiritual growth and development,reclaiming your power, public speaking and family harmony.

The lifestyle coaching I offer is intuitive and results based allowing you to realise your own potential and start achieving real results.

With more than 30 years working in the field of spirituality, meditation, spiritual teaching, the human mind and an in depth study of spiritual practices from both East and West as well as ancient and modern philosophies a way forward can be achieved with ease.
I have also trained in NLP to practitioner level with Richard Bandler the co-creator of NLP, and am a certified practitioner of coaching and personal performance with the Coaching Academy. I have worked with clients from all walks of life including: doctors;journalists;musicians; authors; business owners; entrepreneurs; public speakers; political candidates as well as those struggling with self esteem; weight control; body image; long term illness and those returning to work after a long gap.

Life Coaching is a valuable tool in helping you realise your dreams, your potential and future achievements.