Over the years, many clients, students and those I have done Spiritual work for have sent me thank you emails and cards, I would like to share some of their kind words here.
Hi Susan,
I wanted to thank you for my reading the other day, I was really blown away. When my Mum died last year on holiday, there were so many things we never got a chance to find out, no last chance to talk to her, but she came through in my reading and spoke to me for forty minutes, it was truly amazing. You have helped me and my family so much, Thank you Nicola.

Dear Susan, I hope you don't mind me emailing you out of the blue, I first came to see you 18 years ago for a reading in Leeds. I came to you out of curiosity after a neighbour had been to see you. You told her that she had a little brother who had been involved in car accident with a police car, you detailed the accident, but went on to tell her everything would be OK after a lot of treatment. he had a lot of treatment for a long time but as you said he pulled through and was eventually OK. You told me so many things, specific incidents from my childhood. You perfectly described the place I was going to work at and predicted my love life....including the man I would meet but but couldn't stand at first but he would be the one I was meant to be with. Anyway I met him and hated him but 13 years later and two kids later I know he is definitely the one. So I would like to thank you for such an accurate reading and giving me so many insights into my future.Your predictions have been so accurate that I had to track you down and let you know. You even brought through a relative I didn't even know I had until I told my dad of our session and he recognised his uncle by the name and descriptions you gave, as well as specific things about this uncle's life. Once again I want to thank you for your work. God bless and best wishes Mandy.

Dear Susan,
I just wanted send this little thank you card, as you truly are a gifted Medium,Thank you once again for all the help you have been.
As I told you when we met, I had been to other Mediums and psychics before, but I know without a doubt, that the things you told me were so accurate, I was a bit shocked at the time and couldn't really let you know how much this has meant to me. Thank you again, Speak soon Sheila.

Hi Sue.
I wanted to thank you for my reading today, I just got back home and started to think about everything you said, and I'm really impressed with your ability to see into these Spiritual things. When you told me that I was learning Astrology, that was good, but when you said I would be studying more into my Vedic Astrology, from a particular text, I wanted to test you, so like a cocky sod,asked which one ? But Wow, when you looked off into space, like you were getting the exact words, then it just fell out of your mouth......The Brahmana shastra, then you talked about going to San Diego, I had booked my flight only the week before, to study with a certain teacher, whom you described perfectly, even describing his home, I was absolutely floored. Thank you once again, I will be back. Best wishes Paul.

Dear Susan,
I want to thank you for the readings you did for me and my Daughter Carol, on the 24th February. My mother brought me to see you more than 15 years ago and I needed to find you again after my husband passed away. I feel so much more positive since the reading and Carol is a completely different person. After years of Therapy you have changed her outlook in just one hour. I cannot thank you enough. It is such a pleasure to see her relaxed and taking an interest in herself again, but most of all after the communication with her Dad,you gave her a feeling of no longer being alone, you have helped us both so much and I hope to be in touch later in the year for another session. XX Margaret

My dear Mrs Susan,
I would like to give you some feedback after the telephone reading you did for me just over a year ago.
The main reason I wanted to reconnect with you was that you told me that I would become pregnant in the coming May and after a short silence you told me very clearly that you saw a baby boy. You also told me I would suffer with some very bad stomach problems early in the pregnancy including a stay in hospital but not to worry about it.
Well I honestly have to say I was truly ashonished and absolutely unwilling to believe what you had predicted for me at the time because I was 44 (now 45) and had no children after the loss of my baby seven years ago. Nevertheless with my heart full of joy, gratitude and happiness for this gift from God I confirm to you that as you said in the beginning of May I discovered I was expecting a baby and despite what the gynaecologist said to expect a little girl, the morphological test in August confirmed your prediction that it was in fact a boy.
As you had told me, the first three months was very tough as I suffered from 24 hour stomach ache and was in hospital twice but can now confirm I hold my miracle baby in my arms. This was my first time to speak with a medium and I was attracted to your name after reading about you in a conference you spoke at in Italy. I want to thank you so much for your work, you are a truly God-Gifted person and in these months your positive words and energy supported me through these months, once again thank you with all my heart from Clara in Italy.