I created this page to explain how a telephone reading works, the difference between a face to face reading and a telephone session. This can be a sensible alternative when you want a Psychic or Mediumistic reading but I am away from your area, or you live a distance away.  A telephone session can work out more reasonable than paying transport costs from one end of the country to the other.  
A Phone reading is a very popular option, when you need a reading but I am away from your area.  I can be anywhere in the UK or abroad but as long as I have a land line or a skype connection you can have the same length of reading with the same depth of evidence you would receive in a private reading in my home. I have recently added Skype to the possible options you have when arranging a reading, as this is the same as a phone call, but through your computer and totally free Worlwide. With Skype if you have a webcam we can see each other too.

 In a normal private reading, where we are face to face, your Aura ( the electro magnetic field surrounding you) gives me all the information that I would need to tell you about your life and circumstances, my Spirit Guides and helpers also help me interpret this information, in fact we can go as far back into your life as necessary, examine any aspect of your current life or look into the future to see probable outcomes. In fact a typical 1 hour reading will consist of recent past, present and future as well as the Spirit World joining in to convey their love and support from the other side, although it has been said that unless there is a real need for a purely evidential Mediumistic reading most clients come to a Medium as something in their life needs addressing, not specifically to communicate with a late loved one.Nevertheless I ask clients to be open to a communication from the Spirit World. The reading can also include guidance from the Tarot cards, which in my opinion act as a window into the Other World and the subtle energies contained there.
To start with we can't see each other, so I cannot make any unconscious judgements about your lifestyle or background  from your outfit, jewellery, or the car you arrive in. In fact I have absolutely nothing to go on apart from your voice. This for me makes a phone reading incredibly accurate. The same energy patterns and information contained within the Aura is also contained in your subtle voice vibration. So as long as you say yes, no or maybe from time to time the vibration is maintained. The Spirit World still give their messages of comfort and guidance. Rest assured I will not ask you anything about your situation, my Spirit guides will give me all the information I need to help you. In fact a telephone reading can be better than a personal reading as the client is relaxed in  their own home with a coffee not worried about finding the way home again in the dark.  Clients in the UK can send a cheque or postal order if they prefer, I can also receive payments internationally through Paypal.

If you are interested in a telephone reading contact me on mail@susanleybourne.com
I can advise you on my fee and then supply a land line number to call at the appointed day and time.