Welcome to my website, a dedicated space for my work within Clairvoyance, Mediumship, Tarot, Alternative Healing, Spiritual Work, intuitive coaching, Psychic/Mediumship workshops and Lectures on all aspects of the Mystic and Spiritual arts.  

From early childhood, I have always been aware of the Spirit World and the Spirit World taught me and encouraged me in my studies. As soon as I could read, I began to study with the help of my guides from the age of five, reading everything I could on Spirituality, mysticism and comparative religion, with the Spirit World helping me to understand everything as I went along. I started to learn the Tarot, Runes, Palmistry, Numerology and other forms of practical divination from the age of nine, knowing even then that Spiritual work would be my path in life.

I started my professional career as a Psychic and Medium upon leaving school at fifteen. I took my first Spiritualist church service at seventeen. I believe my gift is a natural one, but still firmly believe in training that gift to strengthen what is given from birth. I have been working within this field for thirty years now, and my work has taken me around the World, where I have clients from all backgrounds and nationalities.

I moved in 2010 from my Home city of Leeds to the quiet countryside on the outskirts of Northampton, where I occasionally see clients for one to one Psychic readings, Mediumship and healing sessions, although over the last two years because of my work schedule, I have focused mostly on telephone readings. Although continue to travel widely teaching courses and workshops.

My background is very eclectic, with interests in most areas of the esoteric arts, religion,Philosophy, Brain function and Quantum theory and continue to explore the science and theory behind my gift.
As a natural Clairvoyant and Medium, I offer my readings mostly over the telephone and in my sessions I explore recent past,present and possible future outcomes up to 18 months ahead, as well as bring forth evidential messages of love and communication from loved ones in the Spirit World. It is a joy to serve the Spiritual dimensions and my clients, whether you feel that you're at a crossroads in life, and not quite sure which way to turn or for those seeking communication with a loved one who has passed over to the Spirit World. I see, hear and feel the presence of Spirit clearly and can pass on communication between the World beyond and the physical world .
I don't ask you, why you are seeking a reading, my Guides will give me all the information necessary to help you during the session, so between my guides, the Spirit World, the Tarot and my natural psychic abilities, all of your issues should be addressed within the hour session.

As a personal pledge to continually work on and refine all aspects of my Psychic and Mediumistic abilities, I continue to work very closely with my Spirit guides for my own personal unfoldment. As well as my own ongoing research into Consciousness and Spiritual powers.
I am an Approved Tutor of the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted UK, the foremost training centre for Psychic studies and Mediumship Worldwide.Besides my Work at the AFC,I also teach my own courses, workshops and lecture, both in the UK and internationally on Psychic development, Healing and Mediumship as well as other areas of Spirituality and esoteric studies.
If you are interested in booking a reading or healing session, please contact me and I will be pleased to schedule an appointment for you.